1461697_10202169146104472_662620796_nWho can be an IYF English Camp volunteer?

Typically, college students or adults who want to make a difference in someone’s life. 16 and 17-year olds may apply, but must have full parental consent. For the minor consent form click here.

What if I don’t speak Spanish?

Spanish proficiency is certainly a plus, but not a requirement for the 2014 IYF English Camp to Mexico. That being said, there is a great need Spanish translators/interpreters.

Do I need teaching experience? Must I be an education or English major?

No ESL teaching experience is required. IYF will provide appropriate training and preparation during scheduled workshops.

What happens at the volunteer workshop?

IYF English Camp will hold volunteer workshops by region leading up to the Final Workshop in Dallas, Texas. Teaching English and being a goodwill ambassador through IYF is serious business. Prospective volunteers need to take certain teaching methods courses, go through training in event planning, and be aware of safety information and procedures that we will provide.

As a Christian organization, IYF always tries to spread hope by teaching and exemplifying the heart of God through its programs to people of participating nations. Workshops will  include spiritual development sessions so prospective volunteers can effectively carry out this mission. For more about spiritual development with IYF, click here

How can I register to become a volunteer?

Click here to register online or call your local IYF branch office.

How much does the IYF English Camp Mission Trip cost?

$300. Your fee covers room, board, teaching material, round trip transportation from the workshop venue in Dallas to Monterrey, Mexico. For transportation options, call your local IYF branch office.

Where will IYF English Camp volunteers stay?

Volunteers stay at designated hotels in Monterrey organized by our staff. Typically, 4 volunteers share a room with dual queen-size beds. We will provide full updates and information when we confirm these quarters.

How do I contact my child when I want to get a hold of them?

Yes. Parents/emergency contacts receive phone numbers and email addresses of our group leaders and English Camp administrators. For volunteers without mobile access in Monterrey, expect communication delays due to the full schedule and lack of availability during the day. You can always contact your wireless provider to activate roaming on mobile devices for the trip.

Are meals provided? How are volunteers fed during the IYF English Camp?

Yes, all 3 meals will be provided. Volunteers are fed with food donations to IYF, as well as meals prepared on-site by our kitchen staff. We cannot provide separate accommodations to vegetarians. Bottled water is provided at all times.

If there is no visa requirement, what do volunteers need to cross the border? Are there additional fees?

Volunteers must fill out an Entry Permission form beforehand, which will later be collected at the border. Make sure you have a valid passport prior to departure. Volunteers who do not have US citizenship or legal residency must have at least 6 valid months left on their respective passports.

If you are a college student with an F-1 visa, contact your institution’s PDSO and obtain your signed I-20 form. This will signify your intent to travel and you must present it along with your passport and F-1 visa.

How is transportation handled during IYF English Camp?

We personally transport our volunteers from their hotels to our English Camp venues and back. This service is included in their camp fee. Get more information on the 2014 IYF English Camp Mission Trip venues here.

What about my transportation to Dallas and back from my home state?

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to arrange for his/her transportation from their home state to Dallas, TX and back. Local IYF branches may have group transportation plans by bus or van so contact your nearest IYF branch to inquire as to the schedule and any transportation costs.

Participants purchasing round trip tickets to and from Dallas are advised to schedule their return flights from Dallas back home for the evening of January 6th at the earliest. This is because of the time it will take to arrive back in Dallas by bus following the end of the English Camp in Monterrey. The English Camp will end at 5:00pm on the evening of the 5th. Participants will then depart by bus back to Dallas, however, the time it takes to cross the border could vary and cause delays in getting back to Dallas. Thus, we strongly recommend you schedule your return flight for no earlier than the evening of the 6th (latest possible flight for the evening) so that you will not miss your flight. Do NOT purchase a ticket for earlier than 6:00pm on the 6th. It is okay to depart on the 7th as well. Please purchase your airplane tickets accordingly.



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